The First Arrivals

April 27, 2010

Welcome Home.

I can only guess at the stress of a new father whose wife has gone into premature labor, and the baby’s crib is only half-assembled when the new family arrives home. With all the equipment in bags, a sack of feed in the back of the car, and two little chicks tucked away in a small box, we arrived home to a cold brooder. The chicks were only 3 days-old and needed to be kept at a cozy 95° for the first two weeks. The day was cool. I was not happy.

Mr. CV got to work, setting up the light and laying the bedding in the box, filling the waterer and feeder. I found a small thermometer, coincidentally about the size and shape of an egg, and placed it in the box to check for hot and cold spots. The light was adjusted and secured, and the girls were placed in their new home. With a little direction and coaxing they were soon eating and drinking like champs. And lo, they managed to find the warmest spots and make themselves comfortable and cozy. So far, so good. Whew.

That was of course, until we went to bed. I had no trouble falling asleep, but an hour later I found myself awake and immediately worrying about the chicks. Were they alright? Had they knocked over their water? Had the light fallen into the brooder, crushing them or igniting the bedding? This went on all night, and each time I woke up I trudged downstairs, out the back door and into the garage. And, of course, each time I did so, the girls were perfectly happy either eating or sleeping. Let’s just say that the next day I was a tad slow and kicking myself for being ridiculously fretful.

Tomorrow: Personalities Plus


8 Responses to “The First Arrivals”

  1. Nancy Canada Says:

    Cute little girls and you’re such a good “Mother Hen”. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. :) Can’t wait to see them….

    • Toni Says:

      Sleep has gotten much better. Thanks, Nancy. Although, the last thing I do before going to bed is check on them. Oh, the joys of motherhood. ;)

  2. Chi Says:

    Awww, such a great Mrs. CV! They are absolutely adorable! What is Mr. CV going to add next!?

  3. Toni Says:

    He still has to decide on the design of the coop he likes best. It’s not as easy as you might think! We have naughty predators like cats and red-tailed hawks, but our biggest concern is the weather. The heat is brutal here in the summer, and proper ventilation and shade are a must!

  4. Rain Says:

    I did the same thing when we brought Gypsy-pup home. That first night, he slept much better than I did. I reckon we just can’t overrule that mother instinct, eh?

  5. maddie365 Says:

    We did the same thing with our chicks for days and days :-) Waking up every couple hours to check on them and even running home from work for a couple days to make sure they were alright. They always were… but I had the same worries you did.

    • Toni Says:

      Thankfully, I work out of the house, so I was able to check on them regularly. I’m sure I would have been a nervous wreck if I couldn’t have done that.

      When I was first learning about chickens, everything I read said not to leave the newborns for more than a few hours at a time, for the first 6 weeks. Not even day trips. I thought that sounded a little excessive. Boy, was I wrong. :D

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