The Birds, They Are A Changin’

May 7, 2010

Yes indeed.  The Ameraucanas are sixteen days-old today and Ginger and Joanie are ten.  The size difference in those six days is quite obvious, as hopefully the photos will show.  Amazing little beasties they are!  But, before I go on, first things first.  Names!

Chick A, most seem to agree, has markings around her eyes that gives her the look of either a Bandit or a Raccoon.  I couldn’t have agreed more, until a couple of days ago.  As her feathers are coming in she changes day to day; she’s come to look more like a hawk. The mask around her eyes is lightening.  But, I’m not sure it’s wise to use the words chicken and hawk in the same sentence, for obvious reasons.  So, I decided to go with something less physically indentifying, and tried to think of something that made me happy.  A lot of ideas swirled through my little brain, most of which didn’t apply to chickens or girls.  So, in the end, I opted for a tasty treat.  Hazelnut truffles.  Chick A is now and forever Truffle, and Chick B is Hazel. The coloring is perfectly right, too.

Onto developmental tidbits.  Feathers are coming in fast and furious.  Truffle and Hazel have lost almost all of their newborn fluff and are developing beautiful feathers and thusly much larger wings.   With those, they have decided that it’s time to learn to fly, and yes, my friends, chickens do fly.  Not very high, mind you, but they definitely get themselves well off the ground, getting from one end of the brooder to the other with just a single flap of the wings.  Four feet!

Joanie, and especially Ginger, are still much smaller, and their personalities currently match their size.  Joanie doesn’t seem to be intimidated by anyone, confidently moving about, and Ginger is timid, always the first to hide when my hand dips into the box.  Interestingly, Ginger’s feathers are developing much faster than Joanie’s.  Maybe she’s putting all of her energy into those.  She’s definitely eating well enough!

As for intimidation, Truffle McBossypants is most definitely ruling the roost.  She’s the largest of all the birds and she somehow thinks that gives her the right to be in charge.  She is; makes no bones about it.  When she wants to eat or drink you better get out of the way, as wings flap or feet get pecked at, ordering the others to step back and wait in line.  Despite that, when she’s done and the others come to feast, she leaves them alone to eat in peace. She’s also displaying more “grown up” chicken habits now, scratching at the bedding and making cozy little depressions to lie in.  Hazel is not too far behind.  Joanie and Ginger follow, cozying up to keep warm.

Ginger is hiding under Hazel’s wing. You can just see her little beak, peeking out from underneath.


Ginger’s pretty wings are coming!


Everyone is getting along.


Up close and personal with Hazel’s feathers.


6 Responses to “The Birds, They Are A Changin’”

  1. Rain Says:

    Ginger’s wings are already lovely! *making appropriate cooing sounds* (Actually typoed that as ‘appropriate cooking sounds’ – figured the ladies would appreciate the correction. ;D

    I like the cut of Hazel’s jib. She’s got that “omigod omigod omigod” look that so many of my grandmother’s chickens always had. LOL

    • Toni Says:

      Ginger is definitely turning into the beauty, isn’t she? She’s got the personality to match, too. Yes…let’s keep words like cooking and *whispers* fried out of the conversation. :) You know, you really should come and visit before they get too big. ;)

  2. Nancy Canada Says:

    The little chicks are not so little as they were the last time I saw them. They are still so cute though. A lot of excitement happening in your household I see! I like Hazel’s coloring, but I believe Ginger has the best wings so far. They are very “chic chicks”…….. lol.

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