A Messy Subject

May 14, 2010

Peep, peep.

We have a sick chick, my friends, but hopefully I caught the problem in time. Two nights ago I noticed (we may be getting into the TMI area for some of you, but I know you are brave) that someone in the flock, prime suspect: Hazel, had diarrhea. This is not a good thing where chickens are concerned, so yesterday I high-tailed it to Kahoot’s, wrestled my new friend Lisa to the ground, and bombarded her with questions. Well, not quite. ;) Being the mother of some 20+ birds, she quickly calmed my fears. The problem could be caused by one of a dozen reasons, and at this point, when the chicks are so young, she recommended the easiest and best approach. Antibiotics. I was hoping to avoid using them at all, but I figure that we’re still a good 5-6 months away from egg production, so all the meds will have made their way out of the chickens by then. Consequently, Duramycin-10 is being added to their water, each day, at the rate of 3/4 tsp. per quart of fresh water. We’ll see how things are going in 5 days and then re-evaluate.

Now, for the fun stuff. Everyone is growing…of course! Even Miss Ginger is showing a lot of growth and Joanie has almost caught up to Hazel. Truffle is still the largest and still rules the roost, although, I’ve more than once seen little Ginger step in the middle of an altercation between two of the other birds. It’s a riot. “Alright, girls. I may be smaller than you, but my beak is sharp and I’m knee-high. Find yourselves a corner to cool off in.” She’s adorable.

All four girls have discovered their wings and have been practicing flying across the brooder. This morning when I went to check on them, I saw that Hazel had discovered the top of the waterer, perched like the Queen on her throne. It was then I knew it was time to put a roof on the box. Fortunately, Mr. CV had some 1″x1″ wire fencing in the shed, and with a few snips I fashioned a piece that fit perfectly over the brooder. Sorry girls…high flying will have to wait.

Queen HazelQueen Hazel


Truffle, who is looking more and more hawk-like each day.


4 Responses to “A Messy Subject”

  1. Chi Says:

    My, how they’ve grown!!! In the first picture they look like ducks at first glance hehe

    I love the updates Mamaship!

    • Toni Says:

      You’re right! From that angle Truffle does look like a duck. I’ll let you know if they start quacking. ;)

      Thanks for reading, m’dear!

  2. Nancy Canada Says:

    Hope Hazel is feeling much better very soon. Having a sick chick is not a good thing. :(

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