Beautiful Noise

September 23, 2010

I woke up this morning with a firm intent to take pictures of the girls and update the blog. It has been so long, and so much has happened, that I knew it would be a long entry. Little did I know.

Let me back up a few weeks.

As the girls grew, it was obvious, even though all the “number-of-hens-equals-X amount-of-space” formulas told us we had plenty of room for the four of them, a little more space was required. So, we opened up the area under the coop, giving them 16 sq. ft. of additional roaming room, and Mr. CV built a perch in the run, which they immediately loved.

Note, this pic was taken 8 weeks ago.

Much growing and developmental changes have gone on since then, with Joanie and Ginger developing their waddles and combs much faster than Hazel and Truffle, despite being the smaller of the birds. Their feathers have developed into a beautiful reddish brown, and they’ve caught up in size with Hazel. Miss Truffle is still quite a bit larger than the others.

Mr. CV went outside to open up the coop, letting in the cool morning air and checking on water and food supplies. He immediately noticed the absence of Ginger, who by the way is still the smallest of the girls, and found her sitting quietly in one of the nesting boxes. Eyebrows were raised and he came inside to tell me what was going on.

As soon as I walked toward the coop, Miss Joanie, nosey and noisey as ever, made sure that I knew she wasn’t happy about something. She was agitated, which only served to rile up Truffle and Hazel, and all three went running under the coop.

They weren’t happy, at all.

So, I quietly opened the hatch to see what Ginger was up to, and I was greeted with this look:

Seeing that she was none too happy, and wanting to give her some privacy, I closed the door and concentrated on the other three. Basil was picked (it’s their favorite treat!) and they seemed happy for the time being. Well, at least distracted.

Things quieted down a bit, and I went back inside the house. Within 10 minutes the air was filled with a single, loud BOCK!!, and I knew the deed had been done.

Miss Ginger, smallest and sweetest of all the girls, gave us our first egg. It’s quite small, but that’s not unusual for a first egg. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most beautiful egg I’ve ever seen.

At 21 weeks old, I think she did a fine job. :D


13 Responses to “Beautiful Noise”

  1. Neuge Says:

    It is about the little things….awesome :)

  2. Nancy Says:

    Yay for the little egg. Congratulations all around. :)

  3. Rain Says:

    And now you’re another kind of grandmother!! Sorta. ;D

    My whole family says, “Awwwwww.”

    • Toni Says:

      I guess I am! :D

      I, of course, wanted to immediately eat it, but since Mr. CV had already left for work, I figured I had better wait. Hopefully we’ll have another for tomorrow’s breakfast, so we can each have more than a forkful. :)

  4. Chi Says:

    Wahoo! Update! Aww, they look too cute!!! Yaye for the first egg! Can’t wait to see the blue ones!

  5. Katelyn Says:

    Awe yay!! So happy she finally did it!! (:

  6. Popping over from Red Hen Home to answer your question (you are a “no reply” blogger)–can’t tell you for sure how the foil nightstands are holding up, because I sold them. However, it’s got to be a function of how many coats of polyacrylic you put on them! For something that gets used a lot, I wouldn’t stop at less than three.

    • Toni Says:

      Thanks for responding here! I hadn’t realized that I was “no reply.” *grumbles* What you say makes perfect sense. I will definitely do at least three. Also, one other question. Did you use small pieces of foil for the top of the nightstands as well? I was wondering if larger pieces for the top of the table would make more sense, or do the smaller pieces give a better aesthetic? Thanks again!

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