The chickens know!

Feathered and furred they come morning and night, seeking out my chicks. But, morning and night they are turned away, thanks to that wonderful invention called wire fencing. Let me back up a week…

The first night the girls slept in the coop I didn’t sleep. Not surprisingly, as I did the same thing the first night I brought them home. I worried…would they be too cold? Would they freak out at their unfamiliar surroundings? Were they getting enough air circulation? On and on it went, waking me up and keeping me awake too long.

Morning finally rolled around and I quickly went outside to check. They were all, of course, fine and dandy. I’m sure that Ginger cocked a brow at me (do chickens have eyebrows?), wondering at the worried look on my face. I opened up the hatch door to let them into the pen, but no one made a move to walk down the ladder. The four of them gathered around the opening and looked outside, studying the great outdoors from a safe place. Back into the house I went, making coffee and doing the usual morning stuff, with plans to check on them a little later.

About thirty minutes later, Mr. CV called from the kitchen. “Come here…you’ve got to see this!” I quickly made my way across the house, only to find that I had arrived too late. Seems that one of our neighborhood cats, Mr. Boots, had settled himself comfortably on the top of the pen, watching the chicks as they sat inside the doorway. To think that I had briefly considered not putting a top on the run. What fools these chicken virgins be!

That brings us to tonight, when Mr. Boots decided to make a reappearance. This time I was armed and ready. Apologies for the fuzziness of the first pics. They were taken through a window from quite a distance.