It’s been a whirlwind ten days, and apologies for not posting sooner, but life has been consumed by all things chicken! Silly girls.

Coop and run construction are complete. Painting and final touches as well. All was finally right in the chicken world yesterday morning, and it was finally moving day. As any of you who have done construction projects know, the axiom “double the time and cost” of your original estimates holds true. We expected the project to be done sooner, but in reality, considering Mr. CV’s current work schedule, we should have known that was pie-in-the-sky. As for costs, we weren’t too far off; definitely not double the original estimate, but closer to 30%. Still, a 60% savings over the coop kits that we found online. This of course is a Very Good Thing.

Moving day was fun. Mr. CV had left early for work, so it was up to me to move the girls from the garage to their new home. I started with Ginger, as she’s usually the easiest to catch. She immediately quieted down when we walked into the sunlight. Into the coop she went, and stood completely still as her head swiveled around to check things out. Not wanting to leave her alone for too long, I went back and gathered up Joanie. Joanie is a squawker, and the moment I picked her up she began to loudly protest, but again, the moment we walked into the bright sunlight she calmed down, immediately relaxing in my hands. Reunited with her sister the two reds went poking around.

Off for Hazel, who surprisingly came without a fuss, but the moment I added her to the coop all three girls seemed to panic at something, and hid, together, in one of the nesting boxes. Nothing I could do would coax them out, so off I went for Truffle.

Alone in the brooder box, Truffle was not a happy camper when I returned. Chirping loudly, she was looking for the others, unhappy that she had been left alone. The wiliest (and largest) of the birds, it took me a moment to catch her, but she settled quickly. Out to the coop we walked, only to find the other three still huddled, frightened, in a single nesting box. But, the moment I placed Truffle inside, the three of them came out and gathered around her, happy that Mom was there to protect them. Happy Days for all.

To the pics!!


Three Day Weekends are supposed to be relaxing, right? Of course not…at least not in this household. Truthfully, we had no choice but to finish the coop, as the chicks are most definitely needing larger quarters. In a bit of irony, it also turned out to be the hottest weekend of the year, so far.

On to the pics!!

Construction has begun on Coop deVille. The girls are growing so quickly that completion can’t come soon enough!

We woke up in the morning to rain, a very unusual happening for us this time of the year. It seemed as though it was going to pass quickly, or at least I had hoped it would, but no…by 10am we had down-pouring skies and hail, which is almost unheard of for us in late May. Thankfully it passed quickly, and the area where the coop is going to be placed has excellent drainage. It was construction ready by the time Mr. CV’s brother, his wife and son arrived. At this point things began to move fast, so…

…on to the piccies!!

Quick Update

May 19, 2010

Everyone seems to be doing much better after the initial, and hopefully only, round of antibiotics. They are all eating extremely well, especially little Ginger, and are growing in leaps and bounds. I swear, every morning I check on them they appear to have grown overnight, more feathers appear, and coloring changes. It’s amazing to watch.

Exciting news! On Sunday, Mr. CV’s brother delivered a truck-load of lumber and roofing material for the coop. I never thought I could get so excited over 2×4’s and plywood. This coming Sunday, Mr. CV’s other brother will come over for the day, providing added experience and expertise in building Coop d’ville. Huzzah!


Also, Mr CV has rigged this little setup, that allows me to raise the heat light a little higher each week. It’s a 6 week process to get the girls used to living with no heat light at all.