Who Turned Up the Heat?

July 16, 2010

Boy, that was fun. Not.

I began the day (yesterday) worrying about the chickens. The forecast was 102°F/38°C, with the heat index bringing it up to 105°F/40°C. It was clear by 9:30am that would be the case, as it was already 92°F/33°C. Little did I know that would be the easy part.

At 3:30pm I walked outside to check on the birds and was instantly hit with a smell that I was vaguely familiar with. It was a scent so unusual for these parts that it immediately caught my attention. Ozone. The moment the connection was made in my brain there was a flash of lightning, with thunder following a few seconds later. The sky was an odd shade of black and green, and as it moved closer I decided it would probably be a good idea to get into the house. So, I did, and went upstairs to watch the storm from my bedroom window. Beautiful, frightening, and odd. There was barely a breeze in our back yard, but, as I looked between two houses behind me and across the road about 200 yards, I could see the trees in the adjoining neighborhood whipping in a wind that we weren’t getting. Yet. Within twenty seconds the backyard was attacked. Rain blew horizontally and I could barely see out the window; it down-poured and blew for a good ten minutes.

Just as the lightning moved off and the rain slowed Mr. CV came home and we went out to assess the damage. The first and most obvious thing was Odysseus, the Fig, uprooted and laying flat on the ground. We couldn’t tell if the tap-root had snapped, but we immediately righted him, staked and tied, and prayed. I’m not holding out a lot of hope, as his leaves are droopy and curled this morning. I hope it’s only a bit of shock, but…..*cries*

Then, the corn crop: bent and twisted, most of it laying flat. We did what we could there. The rain cascaded off the roof and flattened the tomatoes. Ironic as heck, isn’t it? My best producing garden in years, thanks to a mild early summer, and then this. Ah, Mother Earth, you’re an unpredictable wench, aren’t you?

On a positive note, The Coop stood the test! Not that I ever expected it to blow over, considering the construction, but all stayed dry inside, and the girls were safe and sound. THANKFULLY, the temp dropped to 78F°/25°C in a matter of minutes, so they weren’t baking as they huddled, afraid of the storm.

More of the same kind of heat today. I’ve filled both of their waterers with ice-cubes, keeping it as cold as possible. A temporary roof has been put on the run, providing the girls with much required shade in the middle of the day, although they still prefer to stay under the ladder. Silly beasts.

I’ve been neglectful, obviously, but I’ll have pictures very soon. Cross my heart. :)