So It Begins

April 25, 2010

Greetings!  Welcome to what I intend to be a long term project, filled with a lot of information, pictures, and learning by both you and me!

I’m a virgin.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  I’ve never done chickens.  Well, except in the oven and on the bar-b-que,  but that’s another blog for another day.  I’ve been vegetable gardening for most of my adult life, and the thought of raising chickens, for eggs and fertilizer, has always been in the back of my mind.  For the past year that little idea has moved its way to the forefront, and circumstances now allow for me to give it a try.  So, here we go!

I’ve spent the last month educating myself on the basics of raising chickens, and I can’t go any further without mentioning My Pet Chicken, which has been my primary go-to source. They gave me the knowledge and tools to be brave enough to take the first steps. Chicken varieties have been chosen, taking into account the extreme heat in my little valley; coop plans have been studied (although the right one has yet to be decided upon), location in the yard picked, and neighbors queried for approval. Yes, I live smack-dab in the middle of a sea of red-tile roofs, and that sort of thing, unfortunately, is necessary.

Yesterday was the day that the plan finally began. My husband (I would call him a saint, but he’d most likely shake his head and walk away), had a full day devoted to getting started. First on the list: building the brooder. I prefer to call it the baby nursery, but of course that wouldn’t be as technical. Ah, what the heck. Lumber was purchased and construction began. Let me warn you that what you are about to see is considered “rustic” by Mr. Chicken  Virgin’s  (Mr. CV)  standards. Nothing fancy here.  Truly, the brooder needn’t be more than a box, large enough to give your chicks two square-feet of room a piece, with high enough sides that they can’t fly out.  But, this one has been reinforced enough that I believe a small elephant could sit on it.

To the pics!!!