Red Letter Day

May 2, 2010

It’s been a busy weekend, full of gardening, chickening, cleaning (argh), and reading.

Friday was the day I had been waiting over a week for, as the Rhode Island Reds finally arrived at Kahoot’s. Nestled in with turkey and duck chicks were a couple of dozen pretty little girls to choose from. I looked for the most active in the group and quickly picked two. Interestingly, all of the chicks, only three days old, had already started to lose their fluff and show some feathers on their wing tips. The Ameraucanas hadn’t started until they were nine days old. Carefully placed in a small box, I brought them home to meet their roommates.

Was I surprised.

Adding the new girls to the brooder made me realize how much the still unnamed Ameraucanas had grown in the six days that we had them. They were at least twice as big, and I immediately worried that the reds were going to be bullied. Boy, was I wrong. Within a few short seconds of being set down, they charged across the box and stood in front of the older chicks, announcing their arrival. It was as if they were saying, “we may be small, but don’t think you’re going to push us around.” The Ameraucanas stood silent, stunned by these little upstarts.

I kept an eye on them for about 15 minutes, watching to be sure blood wouldn’t be shed, and when it was clear that all was well for the time being, I left them to their own devices. By evening, everyone was happily eating and drinking. But, there is no doubt that the reds are aggressive little girls, always pushing the larger chicks away from the food, wanting plenty of elbow, or should I say wing-room to munch.

The new girls were quickly named, even as I still struggle to come up with something for the Ameraucanas. “Ginger” was my first thought, which was quickly followed up by my friend, Maria’s suggestion of “Mary Ann,” but her husband quickly stepped in with “What about the redhead from ‘Mad Men?'” I couldn’t argue with that, as I adore the character of Joan. So, Ginger and Joanie they are.

Ginger and Joanie

Who the heck is that?

Oh, no. They're coming over here.

Don't look. Maybe they'll go away.

Should we invite them over for drinks?

Maybe this won't be so bad.


7 Responses to “Red Letter Day”

  1. Jag Says:

    Heh, cuteness! ^^ Although the little chick with the black stripes over her eyes looks like she should be called Raccoon…

    • Toni Says:

      She has changed much more than her sister, and has started developing tail feathers! It will be interesting to see if the markings on her face change, otherwise, we shall ponder the Raccoon. ;)

  2. Rain Says:

    Raccoon is great! Or Bandit. That’s quite a mask she’s developing.

    And I shall have to remain jealous: We live within city limits and there’s a ‘no farm animals’ ordinance. Although it might be interesting to try and get that changed, for chickens.

    Love the reds!

  3. Birgitt Says:

    I think it’s a really excellent thing that the Rhodies were the younger bird. Rhodies have a rep for being aggressive. I didn’t realize it started that young though. Wow!

    • Toni Says:

      Their personalities are great, and it’s been interesting to watch the pecking order develop. Little Ginger is my favorite, though. She’s the smallest, and definitely the peacemaker. :) Good to see you here, Lady B.

      • Birgitt Says:

        I try to get around! I need to set up an RSS feed (that works) and add you to it. That way I’m up to date!

        (OH! But I see I can get an email when you post! We’ll try that for now. :D)

        • Toni Says:

          I use iGoogle as my start page, and it’s extremely easy to set up RSS feeds. I show all my feeds and a variety of news sources to start my day. :)

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